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a series of erotic drawings (#1), an erotic drawing 2012-2013


an erotic drawing

an erotic drawing


an erotic drawing


an erotic drawing


an erotic drawing


an erotic drawing


an erotic drawing


an erotic drawing


an erotic drawing


an erotic drawing

mother’s day an original painting, fête des mères, festa della mamma

A picture representing a naked pregnant woman with her child in her arms. hand painted picture. this painting was created as a hand made work following exclusively my own fantasy and personal inspiration; it is an original composition of which I'm the sole author (alberto sebastiani)

mother’s day this 13th of may in Italy, France and Belgium

la fête des mères est ce dimanche 13 may

la festa della mamma quest’anno cade il 13 di maggio

moon painting movie

some details of a painting made in Liége, Belgium, in a restaurant, a work that costed me pain, time, skills,

desire for spells to have it made in time, no time to have it ready, and finally be late but finish anyway,

then believe in it then don’t believe in it then love it and more than that, try and find the blue,

draw them all, paint them all,feel the trees, find the way the bats fly,

try and convey the sensation of the depth of the night’s blue

and feel the desire to show it to you now that it has left the house and lives its own life